The Profession of One Russian Businessman and his Philanthropy

Alexei Beltyukov is a Russia-based entrepreneur who has established many successful enterprises and charity organizations. He has been involved in various philanthropic undertakings in his country. Mr. Beltyukov got his higher education from France’s INSTEAD University and graduated in 1997 with a master’s degree. He established the INSTEAD Russian Alumni Scholarship, which has been offering financial support to Russia citizens who join the University.

Alexei studied medicine in college but did not practice it for long since he wanted to be a businessperson. He has been founding various institutions that fund emerging businesses in Russia. An example of this organizations is the Endemic Capital, which has been operational since 2013, and its primary aim was to serve as an angel fund.

Alexei Beltyukov has ventured into various sectors since he started his entrepreneurship career. In 2006 he began natural gas business by founding the New Gas Technologies. The primary focus of the enterprise was to offer ways that natural gas could be useful in various industries.

He started A-Ventures in 2005 to provide monetary support to businesses that needed it. According to, Alexei Beltyukov participated in the administration of the firm until when he sold it in 2014. He sits on the board of FORO as an observer. FORO is a technology company that aims at offering ways that laser power can be utilized in sectors such as geothermal, natural gas, and mining.

Alexei has a lot of interest in the education sector. In 2005, he established an online learning program that is known as SOLVY. He currently serves it as the CEO. The company offers a platform that enables students to learn complicated subjects such as mathematic via the internet.

The learners select questions that they would like to solve and the software guides them through the process. It also allows tutors to guide and correct the students where they are wrong.

The Skolkovo Foundation, which is owned by the Russian Government, appointed Alexei Beltyukov to serve as its vice president in January 2011. The mian focus of the foundation is to facilitate the creation of IT enterprises. He has assisted it in creating more than 12700 jobs.

Ignition Financial Growth



Ignition Financial is one of the best companies in the entire industry to work with if you need to refinance your auto loans. This is a company that is working to take things to the next level in the lives of others. If you are ready to take your debt payments down, while still paying down the principal, this is the company that can help during that process. Over time, Ignition Financial has proven to have the best interests of clients in mind. Not only do they have a track record of success, but they have been named as one of the top companies in this entire industry. Over the long term, their customer service has proven to be a competitive advantage.


Ignition Financial


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Auto Loan Basics


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Future Planning


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Wen- The Best Money Can Buy

Wen hair by Chaz Dean is known for its ability to take dry and damaged hair, and turn it into luxurious locks you never thought possible! Specially formulated with numerous beneficial ingredients such as; Glycerin, Chamomile extract, wild Cherry bark, Rosemary extract, and Panthenol, it’s the best product around! It cleanses and nourishes your hair, giving it the best treatment imaginable all for the great price of 29.95 USD on QVC!

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Wen loves making their customers happy, that’s why they want you to make your order, and customize it as you wish. You can choose from three different formulas; Pomegranate, Sweet Almond Mint, and Lavender. You can even order an extra-large supply to get the best bang for your buck! There is also free shipping on all orders, and even gifts! When you order the Hair Care Deluxe Kit extra-large supply you get the Re-Moist and Travel kit for free! So, what are you waiting for? Try Wen by Chaz Dean today. I promise you wont regret it! For more details, please visit


How the OSI Group has attained Success in its Business

OSI Group is a highly profitable enterprise that has been offering excellent food and beverage products. The company runs its operations from Aurora, Illinois where its first factory is located. OSI was established in 1909, and its business and worth have grown over the years. The firm is currently served by more than 20,000 employees. It has been specializing the production of a wide variety of products, and they include fish, vegetable derivatives, bacon, pizza, hot dogs, meat patties, and poultry.

The company has made various significant achievements in the industry, and one of them is being named as a winner of the Globe of Honor Award. The recognition was from the British Safety Council and its primary purpose is to appreciate firms that have developed excellent ways that can be used in the managing potential environmental hazards. The organization honored 18 companies for their outstanding companies. Businesses that qualified to be named winners of a Globe of Honor had to be awarded five stars during an environmental review that the British Safety Council conducted as from August 2015-July 2016.

OSI has been a successful company in the food and beverage sector. One of the most significant figures in its prosperity is Sheldon Lavin, who currently serves it as the CEO. He is known for his great business administration proficiency, which made him be offered a Global Visionary Award. During his service at the firm, he has been significant in transforming it to a multinational food processing corporation that makes billions of dollars. The company currently manages 60 factories in 16 countries.

The OSI Group recently broadened the variety of products and services that it offers by acquiring Baho Foods. The company is a specialist in the processing of deli meats, snacks, and portable meal. Details of the acquisition transaction were kept private since OSI is a private company. According to the OSI’s president, David G. McDonalds, the purchase of the enterprise will increase the potential to fulfill the varying needs of clients. Baho Foods will be helpful in penetration the European Market.

The newly acquired company comprises of five food processing units. These factories are Q Smart Life, Vital Convenience, Bakx Foods, Gelderland Frischwaren, and Henri van de Bilt. They are located in Germany and Netherlands, but they sell products in more than 18 European countries. The Baho Foods MD, John Balvers, and a few senior employees will join the executive administration of the OSI Group.

Squaw Valley Press Statement on E. coli and Coliform Water Contamination

Squaw Valley resorts has issued a press release clarifying reports of E. coli and Coliform discovery in its Squaw Valley, Upper Mountain water system. E. coli belongs to the larger Coliform bacteria group; a type of bacteria that is dangerous to humans because of its ability to cause life threatening illnesses. In the brief statement published by the Sierra Sun on December 1, Liesl Kenney, the Squaw Valley Meadows Public Relations Director clarified a number of facts and measures the resort has taken to protect public health on Weather. First, he made it clear that the water contamination at Gold Coast and High Camp were as a result of summer water system upgrading due to unusual inclement weather. The contamination was discovered during routine water testing by experts.

When the contamination was confirmed, the affected system was shut down from public use to await further testing and cleaning by the Placer County Environmental Health and Squaw Valley Public Service District officials. The area water safety experts were also informed about the discovery of E. coli and Coliform in the water well. Following the revelations, Squaw Valley has vowed to work closely with the experts and update the public of the ongoing restoration efforts until a clean bill of health is issued by the authorities. In the meantime, normal water usage at Gold Coast and High Camp will remain shut, but access to the amenities will be allowed. This means top to bottom skiing activities will be allowed while the restaurant in that the upper Mountain will remain closed.

The resort has already set up a plan to offer bottled water to vacationers and skiers booked at the facilities. Liesl ended the statement by thanking Placer County and the Squaw Valley Public Service District for their timely cooperation and expertise. The issue was first reported to Placer County Environmental Health department on and the press on November 8, 2016. Since initial reporting, the water in Squaw Valley Upper Mountain has undergone various treatment cycles as part of an improvement strategy. The Director of Placer Counter Environmental Health, Wesley Nicks told the Sierra Sun earlier that the ongoing treatment and testing had seen three out of four wells exhibit low levels of Coliform and no E. coli at all.

Squaw Valley Alpine is a popular tourist destination that offers a range of winter activities, including ice skating, aerial team rides, high camp pool and hot tub, snow tubing, mini snowmobiles and snow tubing. The other popular attractions according to the Squaw Valley website include dog sledding, snowshoeing, Olympic museum, sky jump, wall climbing and cross country skiing. The establishment has also been voted the best ski resort in North America a number of times, thanks to its sunny skies, epic scenery and abundant snow. Andy Wirth is the President and CEO of Squaw Valley Holdings, the parent company of the Olympic Valley, CA based Squaw Valley and Squaw Valley Meadows Ski resorts. He boasts over 20 years experience in the hotel industry across the West.

Handy Home Cleaning Helping Others Succeed

One of the major challenges when you have a large home is keeping it clean. That is what Handy Home Cleaning is in business for. Transforming the outcomes of your workday by doing your chores for you. Fortune has noted that Handy Home Cleaning has surpassed several million bookings. There are a lot of needy people out there who do not know how to care for their homes.

Handy Home Cleaning is comprised of professionals. All of the staff know what they are doing. They strive for utmost quality in all that they do. If there is a problem with the cleaning job, our service staff can discuss the issues with you to your satisfaction.

Handy Home Cleaning was founded with the intent of keeping our communities clean, and adding revenue to those who cannot get the education they require to have white collar jobs. By hiring us, you are helping to employ people who need work.

You are doing the community a great service, and your home is now nice and new smelling. Preparing your home with Handybook became much easier with the online booking program, Freelancers can now sign up to work for Handy and help, getting the income they need, and you get the quality that you deserve.

If you want to call our staff to learn more, we will be happy to help you. Make sure that you contact us soon, because we will want to register you as our customer. There are so many eager Freelancers who want a job through our service. We screen them carefully, to make sure that the ones who visit your home are high quality. If you are curious about trying our service, just check out our contact page. Leave a short message, and we will get on it right away.

Glamor Your Event with Twenty Three Layers Planners

Twenty Three Layers is among the best event planning companies in NYC. For years, they have combined a set of creative, hyperactive and energetic minds to come up with the best designs and plans to suit any event. They deal with a broad range of activities that include; corporate functions, enchanting evenings, and private celebrations among many others. The design team is one that pays attention to every detail no matter how small it might be. The attention to details combined with the relentless demand for perfection has enabled the company to match the customer expectations.


The company has established relationships with some of the most established and sought-after vendors. The Vendors make event planning with the company worry free and fun. With their unmatched knowledge and experience, they guarantee extraordinary events that match the customer desires. The company has moreover, adapted to the dynamism affecting today events bringing out events that match the latest trends in drinks, food, and entertainment.


When it comes to hiring event planners in NYC, several guidelines should be followed to ensure you get the right pick for a particular kind of event. The first guideline is in determining the objective of the Day. This rule ensures that you can identify the core goal of the occasion.


The second guideline is determining the reason for hiring. In this case, you need a list of activities that the employed source is expected to handle on your behalf.


Another important step is determining the amount of capital to invest in the occasion. The cost of most events varies with the type.


When sourcing from the external community, you need someone who is experienced and with a standing reputation within the community. The best way to find a planner is by using professional affiliations. In the determination of the best planners, sourcing from a bureau is the ideal. Conduct an interview with the preferred candidates. After deciding, avail the event details. Occasionally, arrange face to face meetings with the client. The other most important thing is paying attention to their ideas. After the planners’ survey, let them present their total budget estimations.


It’s advisable to participate and confirm all the event details and finally, always have the guts to fire if their objectives don’t match your expectations.

How The SEC Whistleblower Program Works


An SEC Whistleblower is a person that alerts the Securities and Exchange Commission about securities, stock or investment fraud. This includes insider trading, market manipulation, foreign bribery, false statements in financial filings, accounting fraud, fraud in offerings and any other type of securities fraud. A person can use the SEC whistleblower program if they are an expert analyst, an insider or whether they are personally affected by the fraud or not. This gives the SEC an opportunity to act on the information. The whistleblower’s first step should be to contact an SEC Whistleblower attorney.


The types of violations typically reported by whistleblowers include Ponzi schemes, Front running, accounting fraud, Pump-and-dump schemes, mutual fund fraud, insider trading, and the use of bribery to retain or obtain business. Anyone can become an SEC whistleblower. All they have to do is voluntarily give original information related to the possible violation of the federal securities laws whether such violation occurred in the past, is about to occur or is ongoing. The whistleblower doesn’t have to work for the company to provide the information. However, the information must result in the SEC taking successful action which results in financial sanctions in excess of $1 million.


People who report securities fraud are provided with several protections. The SEC whistleblower program has an anti-retaliation provision which protects whistleblower that are employees. The program also offers complete anonymity if the whistleblower is represented by counsel. Once the whistleblower provides signs and submits a completed Form TCR when they make their anonymous submission to the attorney that attorney can act on their behalf with the SEC.


People are encouraged to become securities whistleblowers because securities fraud costs investors an estimated $40 million annually in losses. Plus whistleblowers can receive 10% to 30% of the monies recovered if the information they provide leads to the recovery of $1 million or more. The whistleblower can receive more than 30% if its a significant case and the amount of assistance they provided. The Dodd-Frank SEC Whistleblower Program is an important SEC tool that has helped to uncover a vast number of fraudulent activities and brought the perpetrators of the fraud to justice.


If you are aware of securities fraud and want to participate in the Dodd-Frank SEC Whistleblower Program all you have to do is contact an experienced SEC Whistleblower lawyer. They will guide you through the necessary steps required for participation.

Nathaniel Ru Continues Growth of Sweetgreens

One of the fastest growing food chains in the United States is Sweetgreens, a fast casual restaurant that was started just five years ago. The restaurant chain has an interesting story as several classmates at Georgetown University started it. While they were nearing the end of their education, the classmates and friends started discussing how there was a lack of healthy lunch options located off campus. From there, the three classmates started the concept of Sweetgreens, which is essentially a salad bar option with quality and fresh ingredients.


The three co-owners of the company opened their first location in the Georgetown neighborhood, just outside of campus. They were able to raise the money they needed from family and friends, but quickly earned enough money to open a few more locations. Today, much of their equity needed is raised from private equity and venture capital firms that see a significant amount of growth potential in the company.


Today, the company stands at over 40 locations located along the east coast and in California. The company has plans to expand further and hopes to have over 50 stores in the next year. While the quality food and healthy concept is helping the business to grow, the company is also benefiting from its unique culture and fresh concept.


One area where the company excels compared to other food chains is that they focus on developing technology as much as food. The company today makes over 30 percent of its revenue through its mobile app or online and they hope to have that grow in the future. Customers can also access a lot of information about the stores, the food, and company history through the application.


The company also ensures that all employees of the corporation know the ins and outs of the retail side of the business. At least five times per year, the corporate office will be shut down so corporate employees can work shifts at their local retail outlets. This helps to ensure that all employees understand the goal of the firm.


While the company currently has three co-CEOs, Nathaniel Ru has continued to be the figurehead of the firm. He is a graduate of Georgetown University and is a natural entrepreneur. Ru has been heavily involved in the marketing and high-level branding of the company and is frequently the source of interviews from the press and potential investors.

Handy Cleaning Services Spreads Out Even Further

Handy Cleaning Services is gaining a lot of attention. Millions of people are booking appointments to get their homes cleaned because it is just the easier thing to do. There are people that are going to be impressed with what this company can do in such a short amount of time. Cleaning is something that these workers specialize in so they are able to come out and get a lot of work done in a short time frame.

Many people that are just discovering Handy are finding out about this company at a good time. This is an organization that has become known for on-demand services like furniture assembly and television mounting. There are plans for the company to expand on a global level and right now the company seems to be on track for this. There are a plethora of areas in the United States that have service contractors in their area. There are also some contracted workers for Handy in the United Kingdom and Canada.

The areas that have major metropolitan cities are going to be the best candidates for service. Sometimes there are those companies that have workers that are available for some suburban areas and Apartment cleaning NYC that are on the outskirts of the bigger cities. These workers have an assortment of skills so that gives Handy even more room to spread out. There are people that may need plumbing work that will call on Handy. Others may need someone that will be able to help with things like electrical work. This is what allows Handy to grow. This company has workers that have a lot of different skills. That gives this company the ability to bring a lot of different workers to homeowners that need handy work inside the home. Handy caters to a variety of needs.